Bringing some order into things

The thing with me is I like rules and regulations. I don't like things to just happen, which is partly why I am really not keen on getting presents but we'll save that for another time. Ideally I want a fatalistic reason for things to happen, everything from when to do the washing up to choosing which brand of shampoo to do next.  For things around the house I use weekly lists like this one:

Its a fairly simple system. I go by the time if it is 11.49 I'll add the numbers up (15) and choose something to do from line 15 of my list, I change around the list every Friday.  This is fine for at home but doesn't help me choose what to buy when I get to the shops so what I've started doing recently is to just buy the next thing along on the shelf from what I bought last time. Just to be clear on how mental I am, I'm only doing this with make-up and toiletries in Superdrug. So far it's working out really well, normally I would just buy whatever is cheapest or on special offer but this is forcing me to try things I wouldn't normally have bought and eventually I'll be buying more upmarket brands.  To keep track of what I liked and more importantly what I didn't like I'm going to do little personal reviews here for future reference. 

At some point I'm going to reach the end of the aisle at when that happens I'll either go back to buying the things that have the best reviews or move on to another shop (Boots at Fleet or Debenhams at Guildford).


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